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Brampton, Ontario

Did you know that Brampton was once called the “Flower Town of Canada”? Funny, because when driving around Brampton, it’s hard to spot all of the flowers at times. Apparently Brampton used to be called the Flower Town of Canada because it once had a large flower/greenhouse industry. We always thought that Leamington ON had all the greenhouses in southwest Ontario, but you learn something new every day.

Brampton’s flower blitz was once led by Dale’s Flowers which won numerous international flower awards for over 50 years. Today, Brampton houses the national head offices of such multinational corporations as Zellers, Hudson Bay Company and Loblaws and an office of Goldfinger Law. Brampton is located west of Toronto and North of Mississauga, near the head office of Goldfinger Law and its personal injury lawyers. It’s the GTA’s third largest City, and with a population of around 440,000 it’s Canada’s 11th largest city. Brampton also has the largest concentration people of South Asian decent in Canada; at around 38% of the population. In the 1990’s car accident victims or other personal injury accident victims in Brampton would have been taken to wither Georgetown and District Memorial Hospital, Peel Memorial Hospital or to Etobicoke General Hospital. But the Health Services Restructuring Commission changed all that in around 1998. The Health Services Restructuring Commission amalgamated all of the aforementioned hospitals into the William Osler Health Centre, which became Ontario’s 6th largest hospital corporation.

Accident victims from a car accident, bike accident, brain injury or slip and fall in Brampton will be taken to the William Osler Health Centre where the care is renowned across Ontario. Scott Thompson of Kids in the Hall Fame, comedian Russell Peters, 2010 NBA 1st Round draft picks Tristan Thompson (Cavaliers) and Corey Joseph (Spurs) were all raised in Brampton. When there is a personal injury case that’s been issued in the Region of Peel, it’s issued at Brampton’s court house known as the Grenville & William Davis Courthouse located at 7755 Hurontario Street in Brampton.

The personal injury lawyers of Goldfinger Law often attend the Court house in Brampton to have their car accident cases heard. The Court house in Brampton is modern, and has been used as a model for other court houses across Ontario, including the new court house in Oshawa on Bond Street.

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