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Brantford, Ontario

Brantford is located on the Grand River in Southern Ontario, just west of Woodstock, and East of Hamilton and Cambridge. It’s not too far from Toronto either. With a population of around 135,000, it ranks as the 54th largest city in Canada. Brantford is equidistant between our law firm’s Toronto office and our London office. If you’ve been hurt or injured in an accident in Brantford, we’d be pleased to meet you at our Toronto office, London office, or we will even come out to Brantford and meet with you at your home or at the hospital. Whatever works better for you following an accident. We know how difficult coping with serious injuries can be following a traumatic accident. Our law firm wants to make your life as easy, and as stress free as possible.

Brantford has a very small personal injury bar, with many lawyers in the area who don’t focus on specifically in motor vehicle accident law, or injury law. Many lawyers in and around the Brantford area practice in several types of the law. These lawyers don’t focus on just personal injury law. Goldfinger Law has been serving Brantford, and the community in and around Brantford over the past decade. We have been called in by other lawyers in Brantford to assist and provide opinions on a variety of complex accident and injury claims. These claims include catastrophic injury cases, brain injury claims, long term disability claims, ankle fracture cases, and slip and fall cases.

Our clients have access to the best treatment in terms of physiotherapy, occupational therapy and other service consults which are not covered under the OHIP system. Some of our law firm’s biggest brain injury cases arising from car accidents have come out of Brantford. Car accident cases originating from the Brantford area are heard at the Courthouse located at 70 Wellington Street. Accident victims are seen for medical treatment at the Brantford General Hospital which is operated by the Brant Community Healthcare System. There is also a hospital site in Paris Ontario. Both sites offer excellent treatment for injured accident victims. The doctors are top of the line and have great reputations in the community and beyond. Our law firm has used Brantford area doctors for medico-legal opinions and assessments for our cases.

Brantford used to be Canada’s third most prosperous city with respect to the export of manufactured goods. Boom times were good, but Brantford has been hit on much harder times as of late. Bankruptcies of many manufacturing businesses in the 1980’s and early 90’s left thousands of people out of jobs and looking for work. This also left thousands of people without accident, sickness, disability or health benefits. This changed the city of Brantford from one of the most stables economies in the nation, to one of the most depressed economies in the nation. But, a recent influx of new investment into the area has slowly been changing that trend and turning Brantford into a prosperous community once again. Goldfinger Law is pleased to see the economic turnaround in Brantford, we and hope that the community continues to thrive and grow.

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