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How long will my personal injury case last?

Every accident is different. Every injury is different. Every person is different. Every case is different.

Car accident cases are marathons. They aren't sprints. Insurance companies are very good at taking your premiums. But when it comes to paying out benefits, or large awards to compensate you for pain and suffering, they aren't so good. Why would an insurer rush to pay out your claim, when they can hold on to the money for as long as possible so that they can continue to earn interest on that money. The longer they wait to pay you out, the greater chance that you may get better or that they may catch you doing something which is damaging to your case.

Your case is your life. But to an insurance company, your case is business. Your case, along with your pain and suffering is boiled down to a mathematical equation whereby their risk is scrutinized meticulously.

Our courts are notorious for lengthy delays, overcrowding, and scarcity of resources. If you were to set your action down for trial today in Toronto's Superior Court, you would have to wait 2-3 years before you saw the inside of a courtroom for your case.

Some cases settle within a year. Other cases settled within a number of years. It all depends on the injuries, the facts of the case and the individual's life circumstances. No two cases are the same.

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