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Scarborough, Ontario

When you think eastern Toronto, you think Scarborough. Not quite Oshawa, not quite Ajax; much closer to Toronto. Scarborough is a dissolved municipality and is now part of the mega city of Toronto. Goldfinger Law is no stranger to the streets of Scarborough, having conducted many a home visit for car accident victims who’ve sustained traumatic brain injury in Scarborough. With a growing population of over 610,000, Scarborough has a higher growth rate that the city of Toronto proper. It’s a popular home for many new immigrants to Canada, making it a very multi-cultural community. It’s the home to a large Chinese, Tamil, Indian, Caribbean, Filipino and Muslim community. Scarborough has a bad reputation for being a crime infested community, dominated by street gangs. This reputation is not as fair depiction of the community itself. Studies have shown that Scarborough is no less safe than the rest of the City of Toronto. Scarborough is the home of Toronto’s zoo, which has become the source of a lot of controversy lately given its funding issues.

The zoo has reportedly been operating at a loss and city council is looking for a way to save money. Budget cuts to the zoo, or shutting down the zoo all together have been discussed, but no formal plan has been set as of yet. Goldfinger Law and its Personal Injury lawyers stay out of these heated and sensitive political issues. We stick to assisting accident victims across Ontario. The Light Rail Line of the TTC which runs to Scarborough has also been a source of heated debate for town counsel. There have been talks about scraping the line altogether, or improving it because it was not running as efficiently as expected. Scarborough’s LRT system is old and in need of repair, replacement of renovation. It’s uncertain what the future holds for Scarborough’s LRT line.

If you have been hurt or injured in an accident in Scarborough, you will likely be taken to Scarborough General Hospital, or Scarborough Grace Hospital. If the accident is serious enough, like a traumatic brain injury or a spinal cord injury, you may do your rehabilitation at Providence Rehab Centre which is in Scarborough as well. Goldfinger Law and its personal injury lawyers have conducted hospital visits for its personal injury clients to all of these healthcare facilities.

Goldfinger Law is a proud supporter of these facilities for the rehabilitation of car accident victims and other serious personal injury victims in Scarborough.

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