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Critical Illness Insurance Claims

We try our best to plan for the future so that our family and loved ones are cared for in the event of an unforeseen tragedy or illness. Advertisements from insurance companies tell you that in the event of a heart attack, cancer, liver disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke, burns, brain injury, or some other unfortunate tragedy, that you will be covered for up to, $1,000,000. It’s called critical illness insurance and it sounds like a great idea to everyone who’s heard about it. The problem is that when these claims are denied for no apparent reason, you feel like you’ve been taken advantage of. And the premiums for critical illness insurance are costly. So now you’ve paid and paid and paid your costly premiums, only you don’t get the benefit which you deserve.

Goldfinger Law has been helping critical illness claimants even since the product was introduced in Ontario. We have recovered millions from companies such as Great West Life, Manulife, RBC Insurance, Canada Life, Desjardins, SSQ Financial, The Hartford, Standard Life, SunLife Financial, TD Insurance, BMO Insurance, Co-Operators, Allstate, Aviva, Reliable Insurance, TransAmerican, TL Insurance, Blue Cross, IA Insurance and other national and international critical illness insurance providers.

Goldfinger Critical Illness Lawyer Toronto 

When the chips are down, and your critical illness insurer has denied you or a family member after a medical tragedy which you believed ought to be covered under your critical illness policy, don’t hesitate to call Goldfinger today for your free consultation. We have helped countless of other people in your situation get their claims approved. When your critical illness insurer hasn’t given you the peace of mind which you deserve, let Goldfinger Injury Lawyers restore that peace to your life. Call today for your free consultation.

Client Reviews
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5.0 "Great result. Great law firm."
I bought critical illness insurance thinking I was smart for doing so. My broker told me that if I had a heart attack, stoke, cancer or any other critical illness, that I would get $500,000 in benefits. I paid critical illness premiums for years in good faith thinking I'd be covered not matter what. These premiums aren't cheap, but I thought it was all worth it. I had a stroke on November 1, 2009 and my body on the right side never really recovered or looked the same. I was able to go back to work year after my stroke, but I was never the same. I made a claim under my critical illness insurance policy. To my surprise, it came back denied! I took the denial letter to my broker and he couldn't explain why I had been denied. I found Goldfinger Law on the internet when I was looking for a personal injury lawyer. I met with Brian Goldfinger. He didn't charge any money for our consultation, and then when I retained his law firm; he didn't charge me any legal fees until my case settled. Brian explained to my why the insurance company denied my claim, and why he thought they were wrong in doing so. Brian sued for the unpaid critical illness benefits and eventually got me my full entitlement of benefits of $500,000 plus my legal costs. This was the best result possible and Brian got it for me. I felt relieved after the case was done and thrilled that Brian got me the benefits that I deserved. I still wouldn't trust an insurance company very much after this whole experience because they tried every dirty trick in the book. But, I'm so thankful that I retained Brian Goldfinger and Goldfinger Injury Lawyers to make sure that the insurance company didn't take advantage of me. I know that without Brian's law firm by my side that I never would have been able to recover the complete value of my policy of $500,000. Great result. Great law firm. Thank you so much! Leonard S - Mississauga ON
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