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Neil Grunberg

Photo of Neil Grunberg

Twitter Icon Twitter Handle: @ngrunb


Years running: 3

First race‎: Orillia Give it a Try Triathlon

Most Memorable Moments from a race: Completing my first Triathlon, finishing my first Half Marathon well ahead of my initial goal pace and watching my daughters participating with my wife and me in runs Worst running conditions that you've faced: -20 up north over the winter - frozen faced, well worth it

Your favourite race and why: Disney Tower of Terror 10 Miler

All-time favourite running shoes: ON-Running Cloud runner

Pre-race breakfast: Small bowl of Stoked Oats, 1/2 bagel with cheddar or PB, grapefruit Post race splurge reward meal: Dr. Alfa

When I'm not running me’m‎: Chasing after my 3 kids

2014 Goal Race: Muskoka 70.3 (Half) Ironman in September

Why I Run: Was a pound away from 200 pounds with a 3rd girl on the way... lost 40 pounds and completed a triathlon 8 months later and haven't looked back

OTLA American Association for Justice Lexpert Ranked Lawyer