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Rick Ostroff

Photo of Rick Ostroff

Twitter Icon Twitter Handle: @Rickoruns

Hometown: Toronto

Years running: Running for 10 years, racing for over 5 years.

First race: 2009 Sporting Life 10k

Most Memorable Moment from a race: Surging during the last 6km of the Hamilton Half Marathon in 2013. Finished with a PB of 133:28!

Worst running conditions that you've faced: Creemore Vertical Challenge 25km Trail race in 2012. Driving to the race, it looked like we were heading into a monsoon! The race started with a torrential downpour making the entire course tough, wet and muddy! Finished 39th! Your favourite race and why: I loved and will always love the New York Marathon because of its size and because it was my first marathon. It was not my best day but I loved that race!

All-time favourite running shoes: New Balance 890's (train), 1400's (race).

Pre-race breakfast: Oatmeal!

Post race splurge reward meal: BEER! And... A good burger and fries.

When I'm not running: I'm: busy creating unforgettable summer memories at Bayview Glen Day Camp!

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