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Long Term Disability Claims for Postal Workers

Goldfinger Injury Lawyers has helped countless unionized postal workers across Ontario with their claims for long term disability benefits against SunLife. We have also helped our postal worker clients with their claims for Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits, Canada Post Pension Plan Disability Benefits and other benefits through the Canada Post Pension Centre which CUPW may have over looked.

Working as a postal worker is difficult work which many lay people don't appreciate. The work requires attention to detail, prolonged sitting or standing, prolonged concentration, along with the ability to perform repetitive movements over a long period of time. The job requires discipline and an ability to work with others. It is not uncommon for postal workers to burn out on account of fatigue on the job. This is why postal workers have a generous benefits program. It's not an easy job. The repetition of the job can take its toll on the body, mind and soul of an injured postal worker.

Our long term disability lawyers have assisted Canada Post employees with various disability claims including but not limited to chronic pain, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, PTSD, back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, MS, liver disease, heard disease, lung disease and other conditions.

Giving years of your life to the Canada Post, only to have your long term disability claim denied is heart breaking. In your time of need, your feel abandoned by your employer and by your long term disability insurer. It certainly doesn't seem fair.

Our lawyers would be pleased to discuss how we can help. Contact Goldfinger Injury Lawyers from your free and confidential consultation today. We serve Canada Post employees across Ontario. It costs nothing to make the call and we would be pleased to hear all about your case.

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